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the laboratory

The Laboratory (or Lab for short) is an esports venue and entertainment lounge located in Hatboro, PA. We host weekly video game tournaments along with several larger monthly events. 

Our space is available to rent out for private gatherings, birthday parties or whatever you can come up with. Additionally, our high end recording hardware can be used for your podcast, YouTube video and/or live stream.

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Bros. Calamity

We are a team of close friends and family from the Philadelphia area, all with similar interests; We love video games, especially the Super Smash Bros. series. We owe the strong bonds that we've made with one another to the series. We are also very dedicated to the competitive smash community and want to provide similar opportunities for people of all the FGCs (Fighting Game Community) to meet and build friendships. Our intention is for The Lab to become home base for those local FGCs.

The Bros. Calamity team offers their services at external events as well. Need a Tournament Organizer for your video game tournament? How about a Stream Manager to live stream your event? We have you covered. Please send all inquires to our email at

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